Lunchstream 05/21/2020

May 21st, 2020 · 44 mins 59 secs

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Neighbors Helping Neighbors, Good Neighbor Spotlight

Mike Welker-school meal delivery, VeggieVanGo
Beth Isham-meal delivery
Lauren Anderson- meals on wheels
Mary McNaughton- Blood drive, food shelf, veggie vango, covid food task force
Beth Gould-food delivery/preperation
Diane Foulds- street captains

Monarch butterfly corridor

Dead fish in pond

The Exchange scavenger hunt
Precision Museum open on 5/23
Summer Camps at Rec

Olivia Rockwood- Gatorade Player of the Year (donation to rec)


400M total
Phase 1-$310M
$50M to dairy industry
$20M to small businesses with less than 1M in revenue
$42M to landlords/tenants
$8M in affordable housing reno/const.
Phase 2
$90M in broadband infrastructure
VT budget cuts:
Resteraunt reopen -
Vote by mail


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